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Have You Been Charged with a Drug Crime
and Don't Know What to Do Next?

Kreps Law Firm, LLC, provides the aggressive representation you need when you are arrested or are under investigation for drug crimes. Attorney Joseph C. Kreps fights drug charges in state and federal courts, defending clients in Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, as well as nationally and internationally.

Find out how we can help, by challenging the validity of charges, negotiating a plea, or taking your case to a jury: contact us today.

Our criminal defense attorneys are trained to gauge the strength of the prosecution's case and give you solid advice about striking a deal versus going to trial  We have handled many cases and always look for the best possible outcome for our clients.

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Drug Possession or Sale  : Even a minor drug charge of possessing or selling controlled substances or drug paraphernalia can result in jail or prison time, and many other consequences. We primarily serve clients who are facing marijuana charges   or cocaine charges. 

Prescription Drug Charges : Laws have become tougher regarding illegal possession of prescription narcotics such as Oxycontin and Percodan. You need a tough drug lawyer to answer the charges on your behalf.

Crystal Meth Charges Prosecutors are under pressure to crack down on the manufacture and possession of methamphetamines. Our team represents clients across Alabama in all related charges, including operation of meth labs and possession of precursor chemicals. Not from Alabama? Kreps Law Firm, LLC represents out-of-state defendants who are held or charged with drug offenses in Alabama courts. Facing felony charges in another state? Our criminal defense attorneys are qualified to practice in any federal court in the U.S.

Juvenile Drug Charges: : he punishment for juveniles convicted of drug crimes can be as severe as sentences for adults. We work hard to minimize consequences and keep criminal convictions off our juvenile clients' records.

Drug Importation : Kreps Law Firm, LLC has represented drug runners who are charged or falsely accused of importing drugs into or moving them through the country. We handle cases involving importation of crystal meth, cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, and other drugs.

Drug Trafficking and Manufacture: Call us immediately if you are under indictment or investigation on federal trafficking, conspiracy, cultivation, or manufacturing charges. Our knowledge of U.S. and international laws and federal prosecution enables us to challenge the constitutionality of evidence and fight for the best deal for your situation.

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You deserve a tough lawyer who will defend your rights and best interests. We will fight for dismissal, reduced charges, or deferred sentencing in all cases to present you with all of your options prior to making a decision regarding the trial of your case.
Contact Kreps Law Firm, LLC mmediately if you or a family member is facing drug charges in Alabama or anywhere in the U.S. We can help and we will be there to fight for you throughout the process.


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